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Cartboard telescope realized by Sylvain for the 2009 Cartonfolies festival.


Experimental Workshop

( All Cardboard Music )

Cartonfolks Workshop's Presentation:

On february 16th at Cabano's high School Sylvain Lacroix and Claude Nadeau performe and present the Cartonfolks workshop to the students during the cultural week event.

Welcome to the cartonfolk experiment. This project is the French adaptation from a music workshop developed by Mr. Jerry Brown and his team from Musicmaker's Kits, Inc. It will be the first time ever tried in a French Canadian school. The goal of the workshop is to build a cardboard musical instrument band with students who will perform a little show during the 2006 Cartonfolies, Témiscouata's Cartboard Festival, and also for Cabano's centenial next summer.

This project will give us the opportunity to test the workshop. The director of Cabano's high school opened the door of his institution and joined in the adventure with the partnership of the board of directors of Les Cartonfolies, along with the support of Jeunes Musiciens du monde (Young musicians of the world ). The challenge of bringing success to this project is up to me -- fun and exiting!

One of the possibilities is to make this music workshop available for any school in Québec who wants to try this exciting project and join in future events of Les Cartonfolies.

So keep track of this first experience here on this page.

You will be able to follow this experiment, read about our progress, and learn about the student participants.

First Step: Construction of the resonators

Step no. 1 Assembling the resonators:

On wednesday March 15th the participants and I are ready to go on with the workshop's first step in the construction of the musical instrument's. I honestly was amazed by the easy work it was for me to organize myself in the preparation of the workshop! Credits to musicmaker's Kits Team. It was the first time for me and the participants to have the first contact with the instruments.


Step 2; Decoration

This part of the construction could be optional...


Step 3 and 4; The string board

After these steps the instruments are completed. We just have to glue the string board on the resonator and tuned it to the right tone.


Electric Cartboard Instrument!

For the best results in amplifying a cartboard instrument, is to place the mic inside the resonator as it shown here on the picture. For the workshop and to keep the price as low as possible, I use the little speaker found inside musical cards, which are easy to find in card stores....


Here's some instruments built by the class:

Credits to :

Caroline Chassé, Benoît Racine, Pascal Vallières ( JMM ) , Gaëtan Racine, Mireilles Soucy, Georges Huard, Claude Nadeau, Jerry Brown, ( Musicmaker's Kits ), Sophie Pommerleau (JMM ), special thanks to m. Magella Beaulieu Cabano's High School director, Commission Scolaire du Fleuve et des Lacs territory.

Participants :

Tommy Briand, Jason Bélanger, Pierre Olivier Deschamps, Jacques Dumas, Mickaël Gagné, Jean-François Houde, Rémi Lebrun, Yannick Lebrun, Kevin Michaud, Jean-Mickaël Bourgoin, Damien Pelletier.

Photo: Véronique Parent

> So come back to read more about it !!!!


Cartonfolk' s experiment made up the news!...

From Info-Dimanche may 5th 2006


 Article from Saint-Laurent Portage July 2nd 2006

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