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This instrument has an hour-glass figure, built from the wood of the walnut tree, decorated with traditional heart motifs. This instrument has four strings.






The Appalachian dulcimer is a variety of the Celtic zithers, in Québec it is also named "Table Dulcimer".

The origine of this instrument is in fact a real puzzle, The name ''dulcimer'' seems to be from the french doulce mel ,but we can found related instruments in various European countries.

Its origins date from between the XIIth and the XIIIth centuries AD . It was named Doulce-de-mer  and doulcemelle  (French for Softness of the sea). In France. 

The Appalachian Dulcimer is an instrument that was derived from the family of the épinettes des Vosges or German scheithot. The Appalachian Dulcimer also call Thew Mountain Dulcimer is the american zither The latter is also part of the zithers family.

In the seventies, the dulcimer made a came on appearance in Bluegrass music and in more recent times is gaining acceptance in the traditional music circles of Western Europe.

For more information, you can visit the site of Joe Zigray.


 Dulcimer used on stage by Sylvain


This instrument is constructed with a white spruce top decorated by mandalas. Back and sides are in waved maple. Built by André Audet from Saint-Magloire, in the heart of Québec's Appalachian mountains. This dulcimer is also equipped with an EMG pick up hidden under the bridge.


Epinette des Vosges

This instrument built by Jean François Descombes on a model of France early 18th century. This instrument have been order by Bertrand Gosselin and modified by the carefull hands of André Audet.


Adirondack Dulcimer

My oldiest instrument I have. The wonderfull acoustic sound of this instrument is terrific. This instrument have been built by Dennis Dorogi in late sixties and have been modified and refretted by André Audet. This is my favorite summer fire camp instrument !!!



This hybrid instrument is for me a souvenir from the first Dulcimer symposium that I participate, and that was a really nice experience for me! At Blue Lake Mountain in the Adirondack Park I meet Larry Myers-McElwee who let me have the instrument . Since that time I have so much fun to play that thing !!!

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