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News on August 1st 2006

The 25th Northeast Dulcimer Symposium

Because the 24th one was soo great !!!

Hello everyone here i am back after long roads ..... Yes indeed ! I am back from the northeast dulcimer symposium in the Adirondack Mountain in the Up State NY. I miss everyone there what a great time I had Jamming learning new stuff and technics sharing our songs and music ! I wish to be able to go back and meet the gang again

This year was a great opportunity and I met some new folks there among them Julane Lund with her's magical Scandinavian music ! I had also a unique chance to share the stage with her when she came help me out in performing Marquis de Pontkallec at the participant's coffee shop concert. oh! yes ... Read some of her stuff or listen to her music just go at her website. Just clic below.

I had a great time to do the french celtic music workshop there ! This was so nice to me to share my work with the participant and it looks like they do appreciate my little workshop this year i was a bit more prepared I gather some written music to help the participants to really learn some of my stuff. For me it was the second time that I met other dulcimerist and really test my work with people that know the instrument and see if my work is valuable to them .... Well it looks like they did appreciate it !!! : )

Also this year I appreciate the numerous Jam sessions that we had together I do appreciate also the fact that David record some of the sessions and distribute at the end cd 's to the participants.. What a great souvenir to bring back home!

I wish to thanks M.David Moore again for his invitation to the symposium and say hello to Gary Gallier the instrutor in the mountain dulcimer and all the staff Bill Hicks, violin, Rick Thum, hammered dulcimer, Dwain Wilder, Dulcimer construction workshop, also and special hello to AJ (What is name) Alf Bashore who just release his first solo CD witch is great too You can read about it in the last DPN magazine. Also special though to Ken Lovett, Stan Ransom, Charlotte Bruce, David, and Elizabeth who share her birthday with me !!! and all the participants.

Sylvain CD's project is now on !

Yes finally with the help of Gaetan Racine I will record my first CD in next October. Some of greath musician will be on with me in this project. Among them the regular one : Michel Dufour, Normand Manseau, Claude Nadeau, and special ones like Julane Lund and A.J. Bashore that plan to do the trip up here to help me out in this project.

So Keep in touch !

I read all e-mails and reply !

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