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Welcome in this special sector of the site! I will post on this section a collection of visual documents that I consider of some interest, but could not make any intelligent decision about where tu use it on the site! So this section will be for you to enjoy too!

Sylvain during the cartonfolks workshop presentation. Also on the pic Mireille Soucy, music teacher of Cabano's High School, and Benoît Racine, Director of Témiscouata Cardboard Festival.

dragonfly on dulcimer

Marisol and Sylvain

Claude and Sylvain in Show Couleurs de son in Québec City March 2004

Old pic of me and Claude in my arrival in Témiscouata 1989

International Rainbow Gathering Québec 2004 musical camp !!

Edgar and Sylvain in a musical workshop

Sylvain and Edgar rainbow 2004

Here's one of my best friends performing in his first show Jean-Michel Renaud

Jean-Michel Renaud performing

Jean-Michel Renaud helped by Alain Quessy in July 2004

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